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Zaffre Women - Sandrine & Chloe

Mother, Daughter, Best Friends

Words by Paschali 
Photos by Jeffrey 


A lot is said nowadays about the nature of modern parenting, particularly motherhood, and what this curious phenomenon looks like. The media is quick to provide us with the usual glamorous images; mothers who look barely older than their teenagers and well-adjusted, happy children basking in the cool glow of their familial relationships. It sometimes seems a little unreal, almost too cool to be true… almost. 

Until you meet our two gorgeous friends Sandrine and Chloe. They are the exceptions that perhaps don’t prove the rule so much as redefine it, and present it to us as a real and always unique possibility.

Just take a look at our girls; brimming with the glow of life and love. Sandrine hails from Taiwan and Chloe, her daughter, also carries French genes from her father. Different generations and cultures are all thrown into the pot that produced this family and it’s a lovely result. If anyone wants to see what modern, cross cultural parenting looks like they can take a look here. We did and we were smitten with these two friends.

Although primarily focused on her family, Sandrine, like a diamond, has many sparkling facets. She started her professional life in the aviation industry, travelling much of the world, and when she left that field took up motherhood with equal gusto. She is an accomplished artist and a sublime baker. Chloe is only a teenager but she’s well on the way to eclipsing many of the adults around her. Her feet are planted firmly in the ground but her ideas and her passions fly high – as they should when you’re at her age. We love her empathy and her youthful idealism. 

So where does all this come from? How is it nurtured? Is there a secret source? We spoke to them, as they enjoyed a day of sunshine and waves together, in an attempt to find out.