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Zaffre Women - Natalia

A World Citizen Who Is True To Her Heart

Words by Paschali 
Photos by Giovanni 


There are many facets that make up the unique woman we are delighted to count as our friend, Natalia, but let’s just start with the basics first. Here’s a snapshot. Although her roots and her family are very much Korean, it could be said that Natalia truly hails from the entire globe. Her parents, early examples of the adventurous expatriates, gave Natalia and her sister the kind of experience that can either overwhelm a young girl or set her up with an unquenchable thirst, a daring spirit and a clear-eyed perspective for what truly matters in life. Luckily, for our dear friend, it was the latter. She grew up in South America having lived in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and also Korea and Hong Kong. Now, at 42, she feels like she is on life’s summit – happy and utterly content with where she finds herself. Natalia has worked for the renowned Italian fashion houses like Valentino and is now in charge of business development for an iconic American fashion brand. She is happily married to the delightful Giovanni, a warm, engaging, and may we say handsome Italian, who shot these beautiful images for this story. That’s one very important part of her happiness. Another is the joy she gets from spending time with family, friends, dancing, food and wine. On the downside she avoids the inconsiderate, the impolite and traffic – just as we all do. Natalia is passionate about animals; especially dogs. Her dream is to have a place where she can rescue and rehabilitate man’s best friend.


A conversation with Natalia, with a glass of wine, of course!