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Zaffre Women - Beverley & Dawn

25 Years of Friendship and Counting 

Words by Paschali 
Photos by Jeffrey 

All great friendships, that have stood the test of time, are built on a rock-solid foundation and this one is no different - hair and vodka. Laugh if you will - and these friends won’t mind at all because laughter is oxygen for them - but a glam hairdo and a tipple can do wonders for your well-being. It’s what makes the serious stuff of life easier to get through and survive.

Beverley and Dawn met in Hong Kong in 1995 and their hair stylist client relationship soon became much more. For twenty-five years they’ve laughed through ups and downs, through vineyards and restaurants, through exotic holidays and foreign lands, creating lasting memories. They’ve championed each other’s creative endeavours in business and to use a cliché, which is so true nonetheless, supported each other through thick and thin. Laughter and happiness have always been central for them. They’ve held on to the young girl within, the one whose heart remains youthful, full of hope, optimism and good intentions. They love to dress up and have run in parallel lines, making the best of everything through their shared values and points of view.

Because their friendship is what it is, when they slipped on their Zaffre swimsuits together, they did so with consummate ease and confidence. This is what makes them so inspiring for us. They eloquently represent much of what we value and want to say, which is why we just had to name those two swimsuits after them - the Beverly and Dawn one-piece. It was inevitable. We couldn’t resist. And as the girls looked through the photos, their sense of fun was so obvious. “Love this photo of both of us laughing, it’s so us… just add bubbles”.

Their take on a true friendship…

Dawn doesn’t really have an easy definition for this. She believes, when you are lucky enough to have this, you simply know it completely and deeply within you. That is when you know that these are the relationships you want to treasure and nurture. Beverley describes it as an instinctive understanding and expectation of reciprocated love and support. It’s also a respect and acceptance of differences. And we mustn’t forget a shared love of all that is fun and exciting.