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Zaffre Women - Mindy

Words by Paschali 

Photos by Timon 

Mindy Tagliente embodies our dreams in so many ways. She is many things but essentially someone who has found joy in life. Look closer and behind that electric smile you’ll see a business owner, a yoga teacher, a wellness and life coach, a mother of three fabulous kids and a partner to her Italian soulmate. Mindy was born in the UK but with cultural roots in India. She has been living with her family in Hong Kong since 1997 but has always been a traveller. She loves public speaking and loads of private chatting. She’s the consummate communicator who’s always looking to meaningfully connect with others. We like to think we have a few things in common with the women who inspire us. Mindy is inspired by inner strength and admires those who are self-aware, wise and live their truth - so do we. Selfishness, arrogance and cruelty to animals and children are a big turn off for her - same for us. Mindy dreams of a world without ignorance and conflict and so do we. She loves positivity, chocolate, spirituality, chocolate, coaching, dogs, chocolate, chilling on the sofa in her PJs and chocolate. Did we mention she likes chocolate? Seriously though, as someone for whom the personal and professional is about finding balance in life, Mindy believes you sometimes have to swing between extremes to happily land on the ideal spot. We reckon she’s there already.

In her own words...

Mindy wearing Blurred Lines Sophia Top, matching headband and Formation Multi-wear Cover Up.

Mindy's family holiday photo in Puglia, south of Italy, 2019. 


If you want to know more about Mindy's Wellness, Resilience and Mindfulness programmes, please visit: